Edge of Town


The Song He Always Sings

An outbuilding on Awbrey Lane just after sunrise, with the City of Eugene’s Water Filtration Grove in the background.


I'm Not Your Only Friend

Murphy Plywood at night

No Whistle on Sunday

Wood products plant off Danebo Ave., early Sunday morning.

Waiting to Show You the Way

View across the pond to Eugene Water and Electric Board offices, and the Flake Board plant beyond.

Not So Dark as a Silent House

Flake Board hopper and stacks seen from the EWEB side of the ponds–evening

Summertime Blues

BJB Milling and Lumber, as seen from the commercial fueling station on North Seneca

Wherever He Laid His Hat

Morgan-Kinder “tank farm” in the fog.

Turned Around and You Were Standing Close to Me

Fuel tanks at Kinder-Morgan, early morning, behind mountains of mulch (yes, mulch).

Wonder Why The Right Words Never Come

Power lines and steam from a lumber company’s smokestacks against the early morning sky


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