Suburban/rural landscape photograph

Leaving – View from parking lot of 4-Star Meats, game butchers. Corner of Prairie and Irvington.


Afterwards – Cross Street at sunset


Adagio – Water filter in the Eugene Water & Electric Board’s pond; to the west is the Arauco plywood manufacturing company


Intermediary – House on Cecil Avenue at dusk

Better in Your Wardrobe

Better in Your Wardrobe – Motel on 99, reflecting the last glow of the sun in the west just as the rain starts.

When He Hath Tried Me

When He Hath Tried Me – Saturday evening at the Real Wood Products mill yard

You Know What it Means to be Left Alone

You Know What It Means to be Left Alone – Northwest Hardwoods on a Friday night

Can't Find My Way Home, #2

Can’t Find My Way Home – Lumberyard storage after a thunderstorm

I'm Not Your Only Friend

I’m Not Your Only Friend – Murphy Plywood at night


Everybody’s Got a Secret – Fuel tanks and neighborhood on Maxwell

Right There With It

Right There With It – Suburban street in Riverside, CA

It's the Edge of the World

It’s the Edge of the World – House in Riverside, CA


Warmth – Truck in parking lot at Garten Recycling, Eugene